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Montana Four Grain Straight Wheat Whiskey Dry Hills Distillery Bozeman Mt

Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey
90 Proof – 45% ALC BY VOL

Our Montana Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a testament to the beauty of Montana grown grains, pure mountain water and the reward of hard work and perseverance. This spirit showcases all our farm has to offer distilled from corn, wheat, barley and rye and aged over four years. It is our share in the tradition and heritage of authentic American whiskey culture. With a character as bold and beautiful as the surroundings in which it was crafted, it provides an excellence that you will only find in a genuine Montana Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

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Montana Bonded Wheat Whiskey Dry Hills Distillery Bozeman Mt

Montana Bonded Wheat Whiskey
100 Proof - 50% ALC BY VOL

A Bottled-In-Bond whiskey is made by one distiller, in one season, aged at least four years and is bottled at 100 proof. The Bottled-In-Bond Act of 1897 was originally envisioned to be a signal quality and authenticity to the consumer. Our Bottled-In-Bond Wheat Whiskey showcase the best of who we are and what we grown. Signed by our Head Distiller, Brooks Marshall.

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Bin 7 Wheat Whiskey Dry Hills Distillery Bozeman Mt

Bin 7 Wheat Whiskey
90 Proof - 45% ALC BY VOL

Bin 7 Wheat Whiskey was named after the grain bin we originally stored our Hard Red Spring Wheat. Bin 7 Straight Wheat Whiskey is an authentic American made whiskey, crafted from the high country Hard Red Spring Wheat, Rye and Malt Barley we so proudly grow on our Montana farm. Bin 7 has a bold, distinct body with an exceptionally smooth finish that you will only find in a genuine Montana Whiskey. This whiskey has sweet aromas of honey, vanilla and oak with flavors of caramel, toffee and a hint of spice.

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Running Iron Whiskey Distillers Select Dry Hills Distillery

Running Iron Whiskey
90 Proof – 45% ALC By Vol

Running Iron Whiskey – Distiller’s Select is offered in our tasting room only. Each batch is unique.

Running Iron is 100% authentic and originally made from Montana's oldest post-prohibition whiskey distillery. Its premium hard wheat was grown on the renowned Wheat Montana Farm near Three Forks. The product has since been given time to age and been bottled by Dry Hills Distillery.

The nose starts with warm, toasted wheat followed by caramelized red apple. You will also detect hints of mild oak with light char, mixed with cinnamon stick and white pepper.

The palette is dominated by toasted wheat, which gives this straight whiskey a mild and slightly herbaceous flavor. The caramel is strong in the beginning, but soon fades. The finish is very dry and exceptionally long, with noticeable callbacks of cinnamon stick, spicy white pepper and caramelized apple first noticed on the nose.

Like Montana itself, Running Iron is not sweet, which contradicts the nose. Some mild caramel and light char oak give the 100% wheat whiskey some structure, but the long spicy finish is what makes this dram so interesting.

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Montana Potato Vodka Dry Hills Distillery Bozeman Mt

Hollowtop Potato Vodka
80 Proof - 40% ALC BY VOL

The Hollowtop Mountain, which sits in the heart of the Tobacco Root Range, looms over our fields below. It is the snow pack that builds in this distinct peak that provides us with the fresh mountain water to irrigate our crops during the arid summer months. It was out of complete appreciation for what this mountain provides that we named our 100% Premium Potato Vodka. Using only the hand select potatoes we raise on our farms; we are the only distillery in Montana to create a premium vodka that is made entirely from seed to bottle. On each bottle sold we place the field name, batch and bottle number and take great pride in that this spirit is 100% grown in and made in Montana. The result is a vodka with both depth and character with an exquisitely smooth finish and sweet creamy taste.

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Montana Huckleberry Vodka Dry Hills Distillery Bozeman Mt

Hollowtop Huckleberry Vodka
80 Proof - 40% ALC BY VOL

Our Hollowtop Huckleberry Flavored Vodka is created using only the highest quality potatoes, pure mountain water, and natural flavor. This huckleberry flavored vodka celebrates the native, wild huckleberries that flourish in the vast wilderness of Montana's picturesque Rocky Mountains.

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Montana Raspberry Vodka Dry Hills Distillery Bozeman Mt

Hollowtop Wild Raspberry Vodka
80 Proof - 40% ALC BY VOL

Our Hollowtop Wild Raspberry Vodka is inspired by the many Montana Wild Raspberries that are around our area. Made with our premium potatoes and natural flavor, it is a sweet refreshing spirit. Please come in and enjoy this naturally gluten free raspberry flavored vodka, it’s great in our Wild Raspberry Lemonade.

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Montana Abbey Gin Botanical Dry Hills Distillery Bozeman Mt

Montana Abbey Gin
80 Proof - 40% ALC BY VOL

Montana Abbey is our tribute to traditional style gin making with a modern twist. We start with our premium potato spirit and distill in small batches through our carefully selected botanicals. Unlike most other gins that are simply re-distilled from a neutral grain spirit, we mash, ferment and distill our potatoes then re-distill letting the vapor rise through our fourteen choice botanicals to create Montana Abbey. The result is a naturally gluten-free gin with great length and depth, providing a sharp, full bodied gin with many floral notes and a subtle hint of citrus.

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Double Barrel Abbey Gin Dry Hills Distillery Bozeman Mt

Double Barrel Abbey Gin
81.2 Proof - 40.6% ALC BY VOL

Double Barrel Abbey embodies and elegant combination of alchemy and perseverance. By placing our one-of-a-kind botanical gin in seasoned whiskey barrels, we attain a complex bouquet of flora and sweet citrus, which opens on the palate with a wood spice of cardamom, ginger, and toasted oak. Double Barrel Abbey rests in our Bin 7 Whiskey barrels for a minimum of 12 months.

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Harrison Roots Vodka Dry Hills Distillery Bozeman Mt

Harrison Roots Vodka
80 Proof - 40% ALC BY VOL

Harrison Roots Vodka is fashioned from high protein Montana grown Spring Wheat. In Harrison, Montana, London Hills Farm applies the latest in farming techniques to produce its signature high quality grain. The crew at London Hills Farm is as spirited as its wheat vodka – from our family to yours, we hope you enjoy.

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